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Meet Dr Adrian                      

Chief Encouragement Officer

As the founder of the Ear Nose Throat & Snoring Centre at Mount Elizabeth Orchard in 2003 and Beacon Ear Nose Throat Snoring Centre at Mount Elizabeth Novena in 2012, Dr A has always wanted to help his patients breathe, sleep and live better. Dr A is most happy when his patients are happy especially when the little children sleep better and don’t fall sick so often. Dr A is always looking at how he can be a cooler dad and husband and always looking at ways to help his patients get better quicker.

Favourite pastime: hanging out with his wife and kids- who as young adults don’t think he’s as cool as he thinks

Favourite movie: Patch Adams as this really inspired him to brighten others’ lives as a doctor. if he cant make them laugh then maybe he can make them breathe and sleep better hence his passion as an ENT and Snoring Doctor. Loves movies where the Underdog comes out on top and the good guy wins.

Favourite book: “The Blue Zones Story” by Dan Buettner(despite its controversies). Basically shows several regions globally where there is extraordinary quality of life and longevity. Common characteristics include putting family first, having a sense of purpose in life, social engagement, religion, moderate exercise etc.

Favourite Author: Harlan Corben

Favourite time of the day: Evenings and glorious Sunsets….Dr A loves the feeling of a day well spent be it treating patients, enjoying nature, playing sport or just reading


Favourite place: where his family is

Past itineraries: Squash/soccer player, failed triathlete/scuba diver/tennis player, enthusiastic but hacker golfer, karaoke mike hoarder, heart bypass surgery, bone marrow transplant recipient,


Most meaningful holiday: Ffald-y-Brenin Christian Prayer Retreat in Central Wales

Passionate about: God, family, friends, patient well-being and exercise


Looves: Witty people, watching his kids play soccer, hanging out with wife, nature especially greenery and the sea


Guilty Pleasures: Pranking wife and family, watching Manchester United even when they lost their way, footrubs by the missus….


Life Motto: Be kind, Be generous, Be grateful, Help people, Keep things simple, Trust God, Love, Eat, Pray, Live in the present and live life to the fullest (both now and thereafter). Enjoy the journey.

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